Now Hiring - The EECL is hiring a Postdoc in its Power Systems Group!

The Colorado State University Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory was founded in an abandoned power plant in 1992 and has since grown to become a globally recognized energy research and educational facility. We have developed technologies to reduce emissions from large industrial engines, worked to define future electric grids, and brought clean energy solutions to the developing world. We have employed hundreds of undergrad and graduate students from all across the university, have helped to develop a new generation of energy leaders, and are globally recognized as leaders in the use of entrepreneurship to maximize the impact of our research.

Today, to support our continued growth, expand our research and advance entrepreneurial models, we have launched the Colorado State University Energy Institute. In addition, we're proud to be well into the construction of the Powerhouse Energy Campus. This campus includes the expansion and transformation of the original power plant into a nearly 100,000 sq.ft. LEED Certified green research complex. Powerhouse will be home to numerous labs, policy centers, superclusters, and start-ups. Students and faculty from CSU will interact with visiting students and faculty from around the world, and the public will be invited to take interactive tours, and participate in workshops. At its core, Powerhouse will be a catalyst for clean energy transformation and a better world.

We're more than halfway to our goal to make the Powerhouse Energy Campus a reality. To reach it, we are turning to you - alumni, partners, friends, and supporters.

You can follow construction updates on this site: http://oxblue.com/open/neenan/powerhouseenergyinstitute