The 1Mpact Challenge - we talk about the EECL being unique and somewhat unconventional, and we like it that way! This event is geared towards helping our students, faculty, and staff to remember and embrace our mission: to create innovative energy solutions and entrepreneurial models that benefit the human condition and achieve global impact. This 12-hour challenge is a sort of junkyard-wars meets the EECL. It's a chance for us to all work together, generate and test tons of ideas, and generally have some fun before the semester starts. It's also a way for us to recognize our research partners, engage with the local and CSU communities, and remember how amazing it is to part of the clean energy economy in northern Colorado.

Follow the event on our website: 1Mpact blog - we'll have live blogging and Twitter updates throughout the day. Follow @EnginesLab or #1Mpact for information!