Since 1992, the EECL has created a legacy of developing products which improve engine efficiency and reduce harmful emissions from engines as small as 1 hp to as large as 2500 hp. Our work is primarily focused on advancing ignition system (laser, micropilot, pre-combustion chamber) and after-treatment (SCR, 3-way catalysts, NSCR, oxidation catalysts).

AVL Fuel Balance

  • Direct gravimetric measurement with an accuracy of 0.12%
  • Vessel capacity 1800 g
  • Measurement range: 0-160 kg/hr
  • Suitable for high pressure injection systems
  • Short measurement times

Rosemount 5-Gas Emissions Analysis

  • Chemiluminescence measurement of NOx
  • Flame ionization detection of hydrocarbons
  • Paramagnetic detection of oxygen
  • Non-dispersive infrared detection of CO and CO2

Nicolet Magna 560 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer

  • Speciated measurement of HC through C4
  • Speciated measurement of NOx compounds, SOx compounds, and aldehydes
  • Measurement of BTEX compounds

Engine Control and Monitoring (ECM) AFRecorder

Used to measure the equivalence ratio for stoichiometric application exhaust

2 Micro GC 3000 Gas Chromatographs: Agilent and Varian

Used for fuel analysis and for exhaust hydrocarbon speciation

PM10 Cyclone Mini-Dilution Tunnel

Used to measure Particulate Matter (PM) in emissions

Rapid Compression Machine for Chemical Kinetic Studies

TERCM-084 Rapid Compression Machine, manufactured by TESTEM, mbH

The CLD 500 System for Fast NOx Measurement

CLD500 Fast NOx chemiluminescence analyzer with 2 ms response time, manufactured by Cambustion, LTD.

Bio-Ester Droplet Combustion Apparatus Microgravity Drop Tower

Deceleration device for 1.1 second drop tower fabricated by undergraduate students as part of NSF MRI Grant CTS-042084

Screw-type Super Charger

Used to simulate sea level altitude or turbo-charged conditions for industrial engine testing

11 Engine Dynamometers

Ranging from 500hp to 2000 hp