Areas of Research Expertise

Engines Emissions and Efficiency

The EECL has a nearly 20 year history in developing products which improve engine efficiency and reduce harmful emissions from engines as small as 1 hp to as large as 2500 hp.  Our work is primarily focused on advanced ignition systems (laser, micropilot, pre-combustion chamber) and aftertreatment systems (SCR, 3-way catalysts, NSCR, oxidation catalysts).

The EECL currently supports a number of biofuel research programs - fuels derived from solid biomass, liquid fuels, and various biogases. Specific research programs focus on algae-derived fuels and straight vegetable oils are looking at all issues surrounding these fuels - from growth and production, to refinement, their use in engines, and characterizing performance and emissions during use.
Household Energy and Village Power

Researchers and students at our International Advanced Cookstoves Laboratory are engaged with our partners at Envirofit International to design affordable, clean burning and efficient biomass cookstoves for the developing world. Indoor Air Pollution from cookstoves is a problem for over half of the global population and causes over 1.6 million premature deaths a year. Our commitment - establish an enterprise-based system that will address this problem on a global scale.
Renewable and Distributed Power Systems

Through the InteGrid Test and Development Laboratory, the EECL is helping the Fort Collins community develop a large-scale demonstration of Smart Grid technology, and developing systems and controls that will help increase the amount of renewable and distributed power that our electric grid is capable of effectively utilizing.