Dr. Daniel B Olsen
Co-Director, Engines & Energy Conversion Laboratory
Mechanical Engineering

(970) 491-4789
Fax: (970) 491-4799

Research Interests
Clean energy, development of high energy ignition systems, combustion visualization, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and NOx, and the characterization of alternative gaseous fuels. He teaches courses in thermal science.

Dr. Dan Olsen has been working exclusively in the field of clean energy for over a decade. Prior to coming to CSU, Dan worked as a design engineer for companies developing thermo-fluid devices. He was appointed as Assistant Professor in August, 2006, after an 8-year stint as a research scientist at the Engines & Energy Conversion Laboratory. His research focuses on the reduction of pollutant emissions from gaseous fueled engines, and on increasing the efficiency of industrial natural gas engines. Dr. Olsen earned his Ph.D. from the Mechanical Engineering Department in 1999, an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University (1990), and a BS in Physics from Eastern Oregon State University (1987).

NOx Reduction through Exhaust Aftertreatment, Sponsor : Pipeline Research

Precombustion Chamber Development and Optimization with Single Cylinder Testing, Sponsor: Pipeline Research Council International

Evaluation of NOx Sensors for Control of Aftertreatment Devices, Sponsor: Pipeline Research Council International * Gas Composition (Low-BTU Fuel) Development Testing on a Cummins GTA8.3 Engine, Sponsor: Cummins Engine Company

Evaluation of the Effect of Fuel and Oil Additives on a Waukesha VGF Engine, Sponsor: EnCana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc.

ADCAT Three-Way Catalyst Testing, Sponsor: EmeraChem L.L.C.

"Feasibility Assessment of Operating Gas Engines on Alternative Gas Fuels", Sponsor: California Energy Commission