Since 1992, the EECL has created a legacy of developing products which improve engine efficiency and reduce harmful emissions from engines as small as 1 hp to as large as 2500 hp. Our work is primarily focused on advancing ignition system (laser, micropilot, pre-combustion chamber) and after-treatment (SCR, 3-way catalysts, NSCR, oxidation catalysts).

AVL Fuel Balance

  • Direct gravimetric measurement with an accuracy of 0.12%
  • Vessel capacity 1800 g
  • Measurement range: 0-160 kg/hr
  • Suitable for high pressure injection systems
  • Short measurement times

Rosemount 5-Gas Emissions Analysis

  • Chemiluminescence measurement of NOx
  • Flame ionization detection of hydrocarbons
  • Paramagnetic detection of oxygen
  • Non-dispersive infrared detection of CO and CO2

Nicolet Magna 560 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer

  • Speciated measurement of HC through C4
  • Speciated measurement of NOx compounds, SOx compounds, and aldehydes
  • Measurement of BTEX compounds

Engine Control and Monitoring (ECM) AFRecorder

Used to measure the equivalence ratio for stoichiometric application exhaust

2 Micro GC 3000 Gas Chromatographs: Agilent and Varian

Used for fuel analysis and for exhaust hydrocarbon speciation

PM10 Cyclone Mini-Dilution Tunnel

Used to measure Particulate Matter (PM) in emissions

Rapid Compression Machine for Chemical Kinetic Studies

Rapid Compression Machine, manufactured by Marine Technology, LtD.

The CLD 500 System for Fast NOx Measurement

CLD500 Fast NOx chemiluminescence analyzer with 2 ms response time, manufactured by Cambustion, LTD.

Bio-Ester Droplet Combustion Apparatus Microgravity Drop Tower

Deceleration device for 1.1 second drop tower fabricated by undergraduate students as part of NSF MRI Grant CTS-042084

Screw-type Super Charger

Used to simulate sea level altitude or turbo-charged conditions for industrial engine testing

11 Engine Dynamometers

Ranging from 500hp to 2000 hp