The Lab

The EECL is now entering its second decade of delivering significant, meaningful solutions to meet the global energy challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century, providing our students and researchers the experience and tools for a lifetime of contribution. With a focus towards market driven solutions, products developed at the EECL in partnership with our Industrial Sponsors have reduced pollution in the atmosphere by millions of tons and have saved over 14 billion cubic feet of natural gas.

Envirofit International, community smart grid effort FortZED, InteGrid, Solix Biofuels, and the Global Social & Sustainable Enterprise Program now stand alongside the EECL, increasing our ability to develop solutions which have a global impact.

  • Our research focuses on Fuels, Energy Conversion, and Energy Distribution.
  • Our applications are concentrated in transportation, air quality, indoor air quality, village energy systems, and distributed energy.
  • Our capabilities are based on our world-class laboratories: our large-bore engine lab; our diesel lab; our grid based renewable energy laboratory; and our advanced clean cookstove lab.
  • Our global field resources allow us to test and refine applications and ideas in the global marketplace.