Mike Haddorff

Collins Control has worked at the Engines & Energy Conversion Laboratory at CSU on a number of projects " partnering with students and staff on some very exciting research. Together, we recently completed the final inspection of a large-scale electricity installation at the EECL as a part of a DOE and community funded project called FortZED. This project focuses on integrating renewable energy, distributed generation, energy storage, thermally activated technologies, and demand response into the electric distribution and transmission system. This integration is aimed toward managing peak loads, offering new value-added services such as differentiated power quality to meet individual user needs, and enhancing asset use. The program goal is to demonstrate a 20% reduction in peak load demand by 2015, through increased use of both utility- and customer-owned assets. As we were walking through the project with the inspector my buttons were bursting with pride. I am proud of the outcome of this joint effort. It think this a great example of how private industry and an educational institution can work together to create something of great value while providing a practical learning opportunity for students engaged within the process. This was just plain fun and I know our technical staff feels the same. It was very rewarding for them to share their skill and experience with these emerging engineers!