Energy for Development

Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling of Biomass Stoves

Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modeling is a powerful to examine the flow rates, temperatures, and emissions of biomass cookstoves. Because this tool has rarely been applied to biomass stoves, the EECL is working to develop improved models which can support product design and development.
Development of the G3300 stove for Envirofit International

The G3300 biomass stove utilizes a patented metal combustion chamber which allows for low cost, high volume production. The stove was designed to meet Envirofits goals of long life, low emissions, and high efficiency. Currently in production, the stove is designed around the needs of Southern Indian households, who typically cook on a single pot stove using wood. The stove is currently being adapted for other regions and uses.
Development of the C4400 stove for Envirofit International

Charcoal stoves produce very little particulate matter, however, they produce very high levels of life-threatening carbon monoxide (CO). The C4400 charcoal stove was designed by the EECL to produce drastically lower CO emissions (typically a 90% reduction) while maintaining high efficiency and excellent usability. The stove is currently entering production and is being introduced primarily into Africa.
Standards and Protocols Development

The EECL is working with many groups including the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air (PCIA), the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Berkeley Air, Phillips, and Envirofit International of testing protocols and standards for biomass stoves.
Gasifying Cookstoves

The following document presents a database of advanced gasifying cookstove designs from around the world, and includes information on design, performance, and production where available.
Daniel Zube's Thesis Slideshow on Biomass Cookstoves

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Josh Agenbroad's Thesis Slideshow on Biomass Cookstoves

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