Siddharth (Sid) Suryanarayanan
Principal Investigator
Electrical and Computer Engineering

(970) 491 4632

Research Interests
Impact of Smart Grid, microgrids and distributed generation, grid integration of renewable energy sources, reliability of power systems, state estimation and statistical analyses in power systems, internet applications to engineering education.

Sid Suryanarayanan joined Colorado State University as an Assistant Professor in the ECE department in August 2010. He obtained the PhD in electrical engineering in 2004 from Arizona State University. Sid was previously employed by Colorado School of Mines as an Assistant Professor of Engineering, Florida State University as an Assistant Scholar Scientist, and Arizona State University as a post-doctoral researcher. His research interests lie broadly in the area of modern electric power systems, with specific focus on design, operation, and economics of finite-inertia systems and integration of renewable energy systems to electric grids. Sponsors of Dr. Suryanarayanans research include: NSF, US DoE, PSERC, NREL/JISEA, PSERC, ONR, and local industries. Sid is a Senior Member of the IEEE and was the recipient of the IEEE Power & Energy Society's T. Burke Hayes Faculty Award in 2009.