Collin Joseph Horvat

I began working for Solix Biofuels in fall of 2007 as a Mechanical Engineering Masters student. My interest in renewable and clean energy brought me to CSU and more specifically the EECL. I received a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology and have completed my Mechanical Engineering Masters from CSU. I am very proud to have been a part of the EECL and Solix, and help contribute to the phenomenal work being done. I spend my free time living the dream and climbing boulders.
Brett Wilson

A proud Hokie and graduate of Virginia Tech, I grew up outside Charlottesville, VA. During college I took an internship with Honda R&D Americas and a co-op with The Robert Bosch Corporation. After graduating from VT in 2006 I took a job with Cummins, Inc. as a High Horsepower Service Engineer. This position allowed me to travel (CO, NM, PA, SC, UT,WV, WY etc) and see a variety of engines in operation. I was responsible for a wide range of applications: from 175 hp natural gas wellhead compressors to 3500 hp mining haul trucks. It was through the Cummins sponsored gas composition research that learned about the EECL. Here I am working on alternative fuels composition research under Dr. Dan Olsen. Outside of class I have a love of the outdoors, college football and brewing my own beer and wine. (Brett is now working for Cummins)
Bethany Fisher

I completed my graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering in the spring of 2010 and am now working for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). I worked with professor Marchese at the EECL studying emissions of algae-based biodiesel. I received my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Columbia University in 2008, after getting my B.S. in Physics from University of Puget Sound in 2006. I was involved with research concerning converting a stationary diesel engine to running on SVO while at Columbia University. I am very excited to be back in Colorado and have enjoyed spending time in the mountains and cheering on the Denver sports teams.
Casey Quinn

I began working towards my M.S. in Mechanical Engineering at CSU and the EECL in January 2009, and the focus of my research is on the interactions between Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles and the Power Grid. I received my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Kansas State University in 2005. Between now and then I have worked for Case-New Holland in Wichita, KS as a Contract Engineer, and I have currently finished up my a Peace Corps service in rural Panama working on water, sanitation, and health projects.
Dean Simpson

The EECL provides an invaluable pathway to apply theoretical concepts from the classroom to real-world applications. Students are presented with research projects that develop career based skills with an engineering vocus in energy. This is an exciting time to be a part of a lab that confronts a wide range of energy issues though innovative research. My experiences at the EECL have undoubtedly been the most improtant aspect in my education and goals to become an engineer. (Dean is now working for the Southwest Research Institute)
Zach Asher

Hello. My name is Zach Asher and I have been working at the Engines lab for 0.854167 years as of October 17th 2008. I assist in furthering the development of clean cookstoves for the developing world. I am a senior mechanical engineering student with plans of transferring my testing and research procedural knowledge to the aerospace industry. When I am not working I am usually studying for school, training for a marathon, or hanging out with my three dogs. I also enjoy snowboarding, camping, concerts, and modifying cars.
Katie Van Dyke

Hi! I'm Katie Van Dyke and I'm a Political Science major and just graduated May 2009. I started working in the offices as a student admin assistant at the lab in June 2008. I am from Lompoc, California and I moved to Fort Collins August 2007 and I love it here. When I'm not working or going to class I am hanging out with my friends or just relaxing and enjoying the time off that I have!
Adam Friss

Hello. My name is Adam Friss. I am originally for the east coast and moved to Colorado to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University and enjoy the mountains. I have been with the EECL since the summer of 2007 and have enjoyed maintaining the building facilities and working with researchers to design and set up new labs and testing facilities. Now, I'm a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering at CSU.
Adam Hutchinson

Hi everybody, my name is Adam Hutchinson. I recently graduated with a second Bachelor's and am now a graduate student at Penn State University in Engineering. I was very excited to work at the EECL and to have the opportunity to work on projects that are impacting the world in a positive way. While I'm not working or studying I like to spend my time hiking, fishing, traveling, and exploring hot springs. After I graduate I plan to work in the field of alternative energy.
Morgan Kohls

What a journey. As a scientist, and not an engineer, I have gained so much knowledge and experience working at the EECL that I could not get in the classroom. It is a great place for students to be independent and really use their creativity. The friendly environment, and overall unity that most institutions strive for, is what really shines at the EECL. It is a real opportunity to be part of something great. (Morgan is continuing her work at the EECL after graduation)
Kristina Weyer

Kristina, who came to the lab in the summer of 2006, has earned an MS in Mechanical Engineering. She found the EECL and CSU through some prior work with stoves projects (dung-burning stoves, actually), and now works on the algae-to-biodiesel project with Solix Biofuels (much less smelly, most of the time, though you might be surprised how badly charred algae smells when your experiment goes awry). She wrote her master's thesis on passive temperature control of algae photobioreactors, and has in general found her niche in the project dealing with heat transfer and light for photosynthesis.
James Van Horne

I am James Van Horne; I've earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering and graduated in the spring of 2008. I began working at the lab in April, 2007. I am originally from Highlands Ranch, Colorado. In my free time I enjoy hiking, backpacking, camping, rock climbing, and photography. Before working at the EECL, I worked as an intern for a water district, and local government in Highlands Ranch.
Bob Osusky

Hi, my name is Bob Osusky, I've earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering, and graduated in May of 2008. I have been working at the engines lab for 1.324 years. I have been involved in the John Deere split engine, and the Natural Gas composition project. I was born in Moab Utah and moved to Estes Park in elementary school. I enjoy fixing cars, camping, fishing, hunting, snowboarding and all activities outside.
Kevin Whitley

I finished my Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering during the Fall of 2010. I received my Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kansas State University in the Fall of 2007. I was fortunate enough to be able to work at the EECL on the VanDyne SuperTurbo (http://www.vandynesuperturbo.com/) project. VanDyne SuperTurbo is a startup company that spun out of Woodward Governor. The SuperTurbo is a device that combines the benefits low end torque benefits of a supercharger with the energy extraction capability of a turbocharger by integrating a transmission between the turbocharger shaft and the crank shaft. My initial part in the project consisted of heat exchanger analysis and various other test cell setup. That work was followed by testing of the high-speed traction drive section of the transmission. The final work for my thesis consisted of detailed modeling of a stock engine with test data, the addition of the SuperTurbo into the stock model and experimenting with different control strategies that would reduce fuel consumption. In my free time I have enjoyed skiing, hiking, camping, climbing and riding my motorcycle in the beautiful Colorado Rockies.
Dan Mastbergen

Dan earned a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at the EECL. Dan worked at the EECL on a wide variety of projects ranging from clean cookstoves to laser induced fluorescence. His Ph.D. dissertation dealt with the generation of electricity from biomass. For instance, he worked on a project that ran an engine on gasified wood chips, and on a technology for generating light using wood burning stoves.
Peter Letvin

The Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory was an amazing opportunity for me. I have worked at many places including Bobcat/IR, Southwest Airlines, Poly America, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, farming, patent drawing, and teaching. The EECL was one of my most favorite places to work because I was able to bring my experience to help solve real problems. I've learned a lot while working for the EECL.

I currently work for Solix Biofuels on algae-based biofuels research and commercialization. Solix has partnered with the lab for 2+ years. I really feel that what we are doing here as a team will have meaningful and lasting impact on our world. Check out their website at www.solixbiofuels.com.

Ft. Collins is a wonderful place to live. My wife and I enjoy all of the outdoor activities in the area. We are renovating our first home together from top to bottom. She is the love of my life and a wonderful supporter of my work at the lab. We recently had our first child, David. He is a real joy!

“There are many things in life will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart – pursue those.”
Solomon Otim

I recently completed my masters in mechanical engineering at Colorado State University. During my first year of graduate school, I was a graduate teaching assistant for Machine Dynamics and Heat and Mass Transfer. After talking with Dr. Olsen, I joined the EECL in March 2007. I am currently investigating the effects of a fuel and oil additive on engine performance and emissions reduction, under Dr. Olsen.

Born in Uganda, I spent my early childhood living in Uganda and Liverpool, England before moving to Ithaca, New York where I grew up. I studied mechanical engineering at the University of Rochester. As an undergraduate, I have worked at the Ithaca City Department of Public Works, Cornell University, and the Laboratory for Laser Energetics. I am the vice president of the CSU NSBE chapter and the secretary of the CSU SHPE chapter. My interests include basketball, weightlifting, science, traveling and enjoying the outdoors.
Peter Lobato

My name is Peter Lobato. I graduated in 2011, and went to work at SouthWest Research Institue. I began working at the EECL since June 2008, mainly on the facilities crew. I am originally from Houston, Texas and came to Colorado in 2006 where most of my family is.
V Verrillo

My names Allina Verrillo, but people know me by V. I was born and raised in Portland, Maine. After graduating high school I came to Colorado State as a undeclared student. I started working in the Engines lab during my second semester. I study Actuarial Science major.
Marty Malenshek

Upon graduating from the U. S. Merchant Marine Academy in 2002, I became a U.S. Coast Guard licensed Marine Engineer. I have spent the last four years working on merchant ships (oil tankers, container ships, etc.). The lifestyle of a merchant seaman allowed me to travel to all corners of the world, and take some unforgettable trips to Cuba, Costa Rica, and the Bahamas. Needing a break from the sailor's life, I came to the EECL because it provides the perfect environment to build on my operational experience, while challenging me to further my knowledge and skills. I work on the Alternative Gaseous Fuel project, under Dr. Daniel Olsen.
Ryan Rogge

Ryan Rogge graduated from CSU with a degree in Biochemistry. Upon graduation, Ryan was hired by EECL start-up Solix Biofuels and works with their biology research efforts. He grew up in Mead, Colorado.
Josh Agenbroad

I began work at the EECL in the Summer of 2008, working on the challenging and rewarding Clean Cookstoves program and an MSME at CSU. During my time at CSU, enjoyed the excellent mountains, rivers, and vistas of colorful Colorado with the help of my hiking boots or road bike. I'm originally from Albuquerque, NM where I completed a BS in ME at the University of New Mexico. Since graduating from CSU (see my thesis presentation here: http://www.eecl.colostate.edu/videos/Agenbroad_Thesis_Slideshow/) I have taken a position with the Rocky Mountain Institute in Old Snowmass, Colorado. Check us out here: http://www.rmi.org/rmi/