Dan Zube

I am very fortunate to have worked at the EECL as a Graduate Research Assistant on the Clean Cookstoves Project. The research I carried out during my tenure was intellectually challenging, gratifying, and fun. The EECL truly makes a positive global impact, and it is a great privilege to be a part of this effort. Exposure to the many interdisciplinary projects happening at the lab has provided me with unique perspective and inspired me to believe that anything is possible.
Sule Amadu

Right from the start, the EECL impressed me with its efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results I was looking for. I was looking for an engineering program that would help me develop effective solutions for issues affecting those at the bottom of economic pyramid. By working with EECL as a graduate student, I was able to consistently gain the experience needed to make a global impact.

Because of its years of experience and worldwide recognition of expertise, the EECL has been able to provide me with the best possible environment for learning. From its well equipped Laboratory, to helpful, knowledgeable, friendly staff and students, my experience at the EECL confirms that I have partnered with true leaders in the global industry. (Sule was hired as an Acumen Fellow)
Christian L'Orange

The Engines and Energy conversion Laboratory provided me with amazing opportunities during the three years I was lucky enough to work there. The lab allowed me to take the knowledge and skills I had gained from the classroom and apply them to real world problems while continuing to teach me and allow me to grow as an engineer. I have no doubt in my mind that the projects I worked on and the individuals I meet in my time at the EECL were instrumental in me becoming the engineer I am today. (Christian has stayed at the lab and is conducting research in the EECL Advanced Cookstoves Laboratory)
Dean Simpson

The EECL provides an invaluable pathway to apply theoretical concepts from the classroom to real-world applications. Students are presented with research projects that develop career based skills with an engineering vocus in energy. This is an exciting time to be a part of a lab that confronts a wide range of energy issues though innovative research. My experiences at the EECL have undoubtedly been the most improtant aspect in my education and goals to become an engineer. (Dean is now working for the Southwest Research Institute)
Adam Lum

In my 3 years at the Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory, I gained priceless experience working hands-on with projects that brought what I was learning in the classroom to life. Though my GPA was good and most of the classes I took offered to provide me with plenty of necessary foundational experience, it was at the EECL working on real projects with real companies and real money that I got my education. The projects and atmosphere of the lab shaped the way I viewed engineering as a discipline while still offering valuable skills in areas that interested me. I was able to work on several different projects and the lab graciously worked with my crazy undergraduate schedule each semester and summer. I would recommend most undergraduate mechanical engineering students to at least look into finding a place at the lab, as I had a great experience there.