Undergraduate Students

Jason Golly

My name is Jason, though my picture looks like a bad middle of the night mug shot, I have never been to jail. I am a non-traditional undergraduate student. I have a beautiful wife and three wonderful children. I am from Rye, a small town in Southern Colorado. I enjoy spending time with my family, both immediate and extended. I like riding bikes, and playing outdoors, which up until life started to get complicated included: snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing, and the like. I bike and still get a hiking fix in the fall when I go bow hunting. I enjoy designing and building things. I like to over complicate or over design sometimes, usually for durability and function, but sometimes for aesthetics. I am in school for an indefinite amount of time which is good because I enjoy working at the Engines Lab. I work on the building and infrastructure doing maintenance while refining my design habit.
Sean Babbs

Hey, I'm Sean Babbs and I have been here at the EECL since June 2008 working on the clean cookstoves project. I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, but went to high school and now college in Fort Collins, Colorado. Working at the EECL is a great opportunity to be able to contribute to something as interesting and rewarding as the cookstoves project. In my free time I like to play soccer, video games, be outdoors, and hang out with friends.
Nick Annis

My name is Nick Annis, I'm currently at CSU studying Computer Engineering. When I first heard about the EECL I was fascinated by the research and hoped to have a chance to work here. My role at the EECL is primarily to work on the website, which has taught me a lot in a short time and has been a great experience. In my free time I like drawing, archery, video games, rock climbing, going on hikes and spending time with my friends and family.
Benjamin Neuner

My name is Benjamin Neuner. I am a Sophomore Honors Mechanical Engineer at CSU. Although I have only been working at the EECL for a short time I am very eager to get my hands dirty and learn many new things. I am originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota and enjoy watching my hometown Twins play baseball. I also have gained a love for the outdoors through Boy Scouts in which I have attained the rank of Eagle Scout. In my free time I like to challenge my mind and body with rock climbing, camping, backpacking, reading, crosswords and much more.
Tyler Rupp

My name is Tyler Rupp I am a first year student at CSU studying Mechanical Engineering. I began working at the EECL in September 2011. I enjoy fishing and camping in Colorados Rocky Mountains. On occasion I spend my time playing video games with friends or family or reading a good book. I was born and raised here in Colorado with four of my siblings attending CSU and three of them working at the EECL before me.