Undergraduate Students

Chris Zuccolin

Hello, my name is Chris Zuccolin and I am a non-traditional student working at the EECL as I pursue my Associates of Applied Science Degree in Electro/Mechanical studies in the Clean Energy Technology Program at the Front Range Community College Larimer Campus. Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, I moved to Colorado in December 2001 where I have made a great life for myself with my wife and son. I started at the Lab in May 2012 in the control room, and have been involved in the prep work for our anticipated expansion of fall 2012. Besides learning and working on better ways to use energy for our future, I am involved in competitive pistol shooting, reading, traveling, watching Formula 1, hunting, and trying to learn to speak yellow labrador.
Jessica Rutishauser

Hi. My name is Jessi Rutishauser. I am a Mechanical Engineering major, entering my fourth year. I began working at the Lab in June 2011. I love nature and the outdoors, which is a big reason why I am interested in clean and alternative energy. I work on the cook stoves project. I would love to travel someday, but for now I enjoy traveling through the books I read. In my free time I also like to spend time with friends and my family, and sew.
Corey DeGroot

Hey, my name is Corey DeGroot. I am originally from Nebraska, but have lived in Colorado most of my life. I am pursuing a degree in engineering science at CSU. I have just started working at EECL as of December 2010 and have been working in the control room. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my wife, playing video games, watching sports, and camping. Before returning to CSU I was in the Air Force stationed at Ramstein Air Base in Germany working as a crew chief on C-130s. I am currently in the ROTC program, and am planning to graduate and commission as an officer in the Air Force in spring 2013.
Jason Golly

My name is Jason, though my picture looks like a bad middle of the night mug shot, I have never been to jail. I am a non-traditional undergraduate student. I have a beautiful wife and three wonderful children. I am from Rye, a small town in Southern Colorado. I enjoy spending time with my family, both immediate and extended. I like riding bikes, and playing outdoors, which up until life started to get complicated included: snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing, and the like. I bike and still get a hiking fix in the fall when I go bow hunting. I enjoy designing and building things. I like to over complicate or over design sometimes, usually for durability and function, but sometimes for aesthetics. I am in school for an indefinite amount of time which is good because I enjoy working at the Engines Lab. I work on the building and infrastructure doing maintenance while refining my design habit.
Darryl Beemer

I am a Sophomore Mechanical Engineering major and began working at the EECL in September of 2010. I have worked on many projects here at the lab, including the installation of components of the FortZED project, refitting engine systems for Catalyst Testing and Cooperative Fuel Research, and many other facilities projects. I hail from the far away locale of Loveland, Colorado, where I have my own flock of Rambouillet sheep at our family's ranch (The Ewe Bet Ranch) and enjoy showing these animals across the nation through 4H and other organizations. I am also a CAM the Ram Handler for CSU. I enjoy running, fishing, climbing Colorado's great mountains, hunting, and much more. I particularly enjoy seeing how the lab fits into the local (and not so local) communities, and am excited at the prospects of using my work at the lab as a launching pad to improve our community by making energy advances more affordable and effective for all.
Sean Babbs

Hey, I'm Sean Babbs and I have been here at the EECL since June 2008 working on the clean cookstoves project. I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, but went to high school and now college in Fort Collins, Colorado. Working at the EECL is a great opportunity to be able to contribute to something as interesting and rewarding as the cookstoves project. In my free time I like to play soccer, video games, be outdoors, and hang out with friends.
Jennifer Vaughn

Born in Orange Park, Florida, my family and I moved to Colorado when I was very young; since then Colorado has always been my home. I now attend Colorado State University, and am pursuing a degree in Honors Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Physics. I am beyond excited and honored to work with my peers and colleagues here at the EECL, amazed at the research that has already been done, and look forward to the advances we will be able to make. Energy has long been a passion of mine, and I am eager to join the global conversation concerning the usage and production of our energy resources. When I am not working or in class, I spend my time running the gamut of my hobbies, including hiking, rock climbing, photography, cooking, dancing, and of course just being with friends.
Maddie Pothour

My name is Maddie - I'm a senior in mechanical engineering. I am a Colorado Native, born and raised in Aurora, CO then moved to Fort Collins to further my education. When I am not studying or working, I spend my time partaking in a wide range of hobbies that include hunting, archery, fishing, working out, sewing, bedazzling anything that glitter will stick to, hiking, camping, watching NASCAR, and collecting Nikes, lawn gnomes, and cowboy boots. Growing up around the automotive side, I am eager to gain knowledge and experience around industrial engines; however my dream job is to be a racecar driver.
Nick Annis

My name is Nick Annis, I'm currently at CSU studying Computer Engineering. When I first heard about the EECL I was fascinated by the research and hoped to have a chance to work here. My role at the EECL is primarily to work on the website, which has taught me a lot in a short time and has been a great experience. In my free time I like drawing, archery, video games, rock climbing, going on hikes and spending time with my friends and family.
Benjamin Neuner

My name is Benjamin Neuner. I am a Sophomore Honors Mechanical Engineer at CSU. Although I have only been working at the EECL for a short time I am very eager to get my hands dirty and learn many new things. I am originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota and enjoy watching my hometown Twins play baseball. I also have gained a love for the outdoors through Boy Scouts in which I have attained the rank of Eagle Scout. In my free time I like to challenge my mind and body with rock climbing, camping, backpacking, reading, crosswords and much more.
John Halley

Hello! I grew up hiking and camping in Seattle, then earned a bachelor's degree in California, where I studied sculpture and jewelry. Now I'm working on a BS in Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State. I enjoy riding my motorcycle, making cool things out of metal (think suits of armor), tampering with vehicles, and inventing things that move. The biggest thing I'm excited about is turning solar, automotive, or industrial process waste heat into useable power. My favorite time to dream about that sort of thing is when I'm supposed to be concentrating on something else, like riding my motorcycle. One thing I would like to try someday is explosive metal hydroforming.
Evan Hoffman

My name is Evan Hoffmann. Originally from Vandalia, Ohio; I moved to Colorado in the summer of 1997. I had fallen in love with Colorado and called it home almost immediately. After high school, I joined the Colorado Air National Guard where I became a Crew Chief on F-16s. In 2010 my commitment to the military was up, and I started pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering at CSU. My hobbies include mountain biking, hiking, drumming, shooting, running, and 4x4 fabrication. I started working at the EECL in the spring of 2011, and I am excited to work in alternative energies. I have a cat named Tony.
Tyler Rupp

My name is Tyler Rupp I am a first year student at CSU studying Mechanical Engineering. I began working at the EECL in September 2011. I enjoy fishing and camping in Colorados Rocky Mountains. On occasion I spend my time playing video games with friends or family or reading a good book. I was born and raised here in Colorado with four of my siblings attending CSU and three of them working at the EECL before me.
Steve Caskey

My name is Steve Caskey and I am a Junior/Senior at CSU. I was a mechanic for some years and formed an addiction to off-road racing. I needed to make more money to support the habit, and loved designing various new parts and fabrications in the off-road and racing world, so I decided why not try to become an engineer. At the EECL, I do basic mechanic work, fabrication, and whatever else the boss tells me to do. In my spare time I love getting into the mountains mostly, ...fishing, hiking, camping, dirt biking, etc. Other than that I like to barbque with friends and win all their money playing poker. In the future I hope to work for the oil industry or in engine manufacturing, along side winning lots and lots of off-road races.
Sky Bartels

I am a transfer student, roughly three years to go in mechanical engineering. I moved from NY to colorado in 2008 for the mountains and the climate. I worked in military and medical manufacturing after getting my associates degree in 2004. I decided to return to college in summer 2010. I've been at the engines lab since summer 2011, and have had the pleasure of working on a number of projects here at the lab. I like working on machinery and welding stuff together, so it's ideal for me. I enjoy all the challenges inherent in engineering, as well as mountain biking, skiing and hiking.
Cody Lanham

Hello, I am Cody Lanham a mechanical engineering student striving to make a good life for myself. I have enjoyed my time working at the EECL. We have a great community. I started in the summer of 2012. Currently I like to think of myself as the go getter, for example someone may say I need a wrench and I reply "I got it". The majority of my work is spit shining the lab but I plan to be on a project in the near future. My hobbies consist of snowboarding, boating, biking, and just living life to its fullest not taking no as an answer. CSU is a great school for being a mechanical engineer for the way it inspires the brain to think outside of the box. The experience I gain here will not only be helpful in the job scene after I graduate, but will also be rewarding in the friendships I make.
Jimmy Luper

My name is Jimmy Luper, and I am currently a freshman at CSU studying Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering. I was born and raised in Anchorage Alaska, and have had the wonderful opportunity to explore a beautiful part of the world. Alaska is definitely home. I joined the team at the EECL as of January 2010, and have loved getting my hands dirty in a very unique and interesting lab. I have a good understanding of mechanics and engines, and I am excited to put my skills to the test and to learn more about a topic that fascinates me. When Im not in my monkey suit under a 1940 Chevrolet or studying for classes, I love to fly model airplanes and helis, play piano, sail when I can, and tinker in general. I also love a good game of Words with friends.